Site Information

Our sites are now CLOSED!  Site listings now available.

Click these links for our site listings for Oahu and the Neighbor Islands. Last updated 1/17/20

Alternatively, you can use the Tax-Aide Site Locator tool, inputting your zip code to find a site near you.  Note that this tool is only operational between mid-January and mid-April each year.  You can also call toll-free 888-227-7669 for site locations, again starting in mid-January.

What to bring with you to our sites

Please go to this page to see the current list of documents you should bring.  This list will help you get organized for your visit and minimize delays in preparing your return.

What we can and cannot do (Scope of Service)

Please go to our Documents page to see our current year Scope Poster.  Note that in addition to the items shown on the poster as out of scope, we also cannot prepare returns claiming credits for renewable energy improvements (photovoltaic, solar water heating, wind, geothermal, etc.).  Our counselors are advised to only do those returns that are within their scope of training AND with which they feel comfortable.  If no volunteer at a particular site is comfortable with the content of a taxpayer's return (even within our scope of training), the taxpayer may be asked to seek assistance at another site or from a paid professional to help ensure the accuracy of the taxpayer's return.  The site supervisor will make an effort to find a volunteer in our organization who is comfortable with the specific tax issues and refer the client to that volunteer's site if possible.